Richard Armendariz
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_ December 2017, " Tell Me Where It Hurts", Ruiz Healy Art, San Antonio, TX

_ November 2017, " $t@tU.S.? Prints from Puerto Rico", Plaza De Artes, San Antonio, TX

_ October 2017, "IFPDA Print Fair", Ruiz Healy Art, New York, NY


_ June 2017, "Richard Armendariz, Recent Prints", Williams Tower Gallery, Houston, TX

_ June 2017, "Next 2017", Nicole Longnecker Gallery, Houston, TX

_ April 2017, "LatinX: Artistas de Tejas", Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts", Lubbock, TX

* March 2017, "Faculty Selects", Terminal 136, UTSA Blue Star Art Complex, San Antonio, TX*

_ March 2017, "Dream Keeper" , Doseum, San Antonio, TX

_ March 2017, “Meta Journey”, Art Gallery Bihac / Bosnian: UMJETNIČKA GALERIJA BIHAĆ in Bihac, Bosnia and Herzegovina

_ January 2017, “On the Curve”, Ruiz Healy Art Gallery, San Antonio, TX

* January 2017, “Three Decades Of Printmaking at UTSA”, University of Texas Art Gallery*

* October 2016, “Visualizing Peace”, 4th Encuentro Departmental de Artes Del Meta Colegio Artistico Normal Superior, Acaias, Meta Colombia*

* October 2016, “SATX/MX,Un Viaje De Cultura”, Centro De Arte , San Antonio, TX*

* September 2016, “Icons and Symbols Of The Borderland”, Mexic-Arte Museum, Austin,TX*

* June 2016, "Globalocation", Redline Gallery, Denver, CO*

* May 2016, “Art and Resistance”, Dar Al-Kalima University, Bethlehem, Palestine*

* February 2016, "Soul Drift","Sarajevo Winter", International Festival Sarajevo,Bosnia*

* January 2016, "Meet the Future", McNay Art Museum, San Antonio , TX*


Armendariz was raised in El Paso, Texas, which borders Las Cruces, New Mexico and Juarez, Mexico. There he was surrounded by a mix of romanticism for the American landscape and the hybridization of Mexican, American, and indigenous cultures. Images that have cultural, biographical, and art historical references are carved and burned into the surface of the paintings, drawings and prints.

Themes involving power dynamics, sentimental loves, as well as passionate, explosive love are the conceptual backbone of my recent paintings. I have been working on fictional narratives about the people who were important and influential to my Art Historical Progenitors, an example would be my newest work inspired by Diego Velasquez’s assistant Juan de Pareja.