Ricky Armendariz
- February 2016, "Soul Drift","Sarajevo Winter", International Festival Sarajevo,Bosnia

- January 2016, "Meet the Future", McNay Art Museum, San Antonio , TX

- November 2015, “IV El Paso Juarez Biennial”, El Paso Museum of Art/ Museo de Arte Juarez, OPENING RECEPTION November 5 & 6, 6-8

- September 2015, “Icons and Symbols”, Centennial Museum, The University of Texas at El Paso,TX

- September 2015, “Departures and Arrivals”, Palo Alto College, San Antonio, TX

- March 2015, “The Aviary Birds of Flatbed”, Flatbed Press, Austin ,TX, 2832 E. M.L.K. Jr. Blv.,78702, OPENING RECEPTION April 24 6-8

- March 2015, “More Then Words: Text Based Art Works”, Ruiz Healy Art, San Antonio ,TX

- March 2015, “Back From Berlin”, Blue Star Contemporary, San Antonio,TX

- February 2015, “Rodin to Warhol : 60th Anniversary Gifts and Recent Acquisitions”, McNay Art Museum, San Antonio, TX

- January 2015, “The Art of Collaboration”, Artpace , San Antonio, TX.

- January 2015, “Print Austin”, Link and Pin, Austin, TX.

- January 2015, “Texas Contemporary Art”, Lalit Kala Academy, National Academy of Art, New Delhi, India


Armendariz was raised in El Paso, Texas, which borders Las Cruces, New Mexico and Juarez, Mexico. There he was surrounded by a mix of romanticism for the American landscape and the hybridization of Mexican, American, and indigenous cultures. Images that have cultural, biographical, and art historical references are carved and burned into the surface of the paintings, drawings and prints.