Ricky Armendariz

_ November 2019, Monochrome, Site: Brooklyn, Brooklyn, NY

_ October 2019, IFPDA Print Fair, Ruiz Healy Art, Manhattan, NY


_ June 2019, NEXT2019, curator of prints and drawings at McNay Art Museum, Lyle W. Williams, Sabin Street Studio Gallery, Houston, TX

_ June 2019, "NYFA Immigrant Artist Mentorship Program SATX Round 1-ADMITTED USA", Centro de Artes, San Antonio, TX

_ April 2019, "Latinx Art: Transcending Borders", Octavia Art Gallery, Houston, TX

_ December 2018, "Time will tell...", Overland Art Program, San Antonio, TX

_ October 2018, "IFPDA Print Fair", Ruiz Healy Art, New York, NY

_ September 2018, "Richard Armendariz and Matthew Bourbon", UTA Gallery, Arlington Texas

_ August 2018, “Icons and Symbols Of The Borderland”, Amarillo Museum of Fine Art, Amarillo, TX

_ July 2018, "BLUE", curated by Casie Lomeli, Ruiz-Healy Art, San Antonio, TX

_ June 2018, Multilayered: New Prints 2018/Summer, International Print Center, New York, New York

_ June 2018, “Liminal Space”, DMZ Museum, South Korea DMZ


_ April 2018, “Right Here, Right Now, San Antonio”, curator Dean Dederko, museum curator at CAMH, Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, TX

_ March 2018, “Common Currents, 1968-2017”, Mexican Cultural Institute San Antonio, San Antonio, TX


Armendariz was raised in El Paso, Texas, which borders Las Cruces, New Mexico and Juarez, Mexico. There he was surrounded by a mix of romanticism for the American landscape and the hybridization of Mexican, American, and indigenous cultures. Images that have cultural, biographical and art historical references are carved and burned into the surface of the paintings, drawings, and prints.

Themes involving power dynamics, explosive love and destiny make up the conceptual backbone of my work. I use traditional painting and printmaking techniques in combination with non-tradition methods of drawing to achieve my esthetic.